The Logo

Western New York is gorgeous. Let me count the ways:

  1. Rivers, mountains, valleys, streams, woods, and, of course, two Great Lakes. Six months of magnificent weather. Four full seasons (Winter is a bit on the long side…).
  2. History: Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport, Jamestown, and all the suburbs, towns, villages, and communities thereof. The region once played a vital role in the commerce and industry of the USA, and, though it has declined, as happens, history still remains alive along every path and highway and canalside.
  3. Culture: we are a proud people, here in Western New York, and not for small reason, and not for fantasy. Universities, Churches, Hospitals, Research Centers, Parks, Libraries, Sports Franchises, Galleries, Harbors, and other cultural centers dot the landscape.

Duke FinancialFor these main reasons, and for many more, I have decided to raise my family here. Therefore, I thought to have my logo designed to reflect the rich cultural and natural history of the region, which I have loved for the entire decade I have had the pleasure to live here. Carrie Boye was up to the commission, capturing perfectly in a very simple design that fullness of Western New York.

The Duke Financial logo communicates my desire to help families and businesses maintain a two-hundred year old culture. Even as it changes, certain threads run through the present from the past into the future, and we are founded on a bedrock of community which has all the promise to give happiness now, and to endure for generations to come.

Posted: January 30, 2014